The Dutchman’s Hidden Valley Country Store is named after Ronny Wenzel, known locally as ‘The Dutchman.’ By the way, Ronny is German, it’s a Texas way of saying Deutchman and has nothing to do with the Netherlands or the Dutch.

We asked his three sons about their father,

Koelling Wenzel said,”No man finer puts as much intensity into his work. He was/is a great teacher. He tackles every project with extreme tenacity.”

Kent Wenzel said, “These are some of the Dutchman’s infamous quotes that I live by today … ‘Take care of the pennies, the dollars will take care of themselves!’ and ‘It’s not how much you make, it’s how well you manage!’ ”

Kevin Wenzel said, “A man of all seasons and one who can cook anything. My father taught us to build, farm, and cook and we are all great cooks. He brought us up to cook von meinem Haus zu Ihrem (from our house to yours).”

Now, Ronny’s daughter, Kara, owns the Dutchman’s Hidden Valley Country Store. She and her sons keep the traditions alive, and their hallmarks are “authentic and old-fashioned.” They welcome you to come by to have a sandwich made with fresh-baked hand-kneaded bread, topped with smoked-in-the-store sausages and cheeses, then try the hand-made-with-love candies and cookies. Take home a jar of jelly or a package of pecan brittle. You will not be disappointed.